Together with community support, we strive to provide an unprecedented level of support for teenage girls, teenage mothers or pregnant teens. We make every effort to provide the resources needed for these girls to carry their child to term and have a successful and comforting birth experience. We focus on preparing them for responsible parenthood through education on the importance of prenatal care, parenting skills and allowing for spiritual development and growth. With the Lord’s guidance, the teen, the child, their family and our community will be blessed and become what God intended. We are here to build positive relationships and help families grow in love and through Christ.


  • Medical assistance through referral to state or local health services.
  • Individual and Group counseling with trauma informed therapeutic interventions.
  • 24 hour supervision by trained, caring house parents.
  • Life skill classes and referrals to locally sponsored programs.
  • Spiritual guidance through attending church and Bible study weekly.
  • Distribution of clothing, maternity clothes, baby clothes and many other items.
  • Transportation to school, medical, family visits and fun activities.
  • ​Use of evidence based practices for all programs


To provide a Christian-based residential group home for teenage girls, and pregnant or parenting teens in the foster care system.


HOME is a multidisciplinary facility that houses all services required by teen moms and their babies and includes a community of supporters that help provide the resources needed to parent their child successfully. We encourage the girls in their physical, mental, and spiritual development as we prepare them for responsible parenthood. 

HOME has an all encompassing program to address the needs of teen girls, teen mothers and their children. HOME works in partnership with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Community Based Care (CBC) Agencies throughout Florida, and our local community to make this all possible.


Hands Of Mercy Everywhere

A Christian Home for Teenage girls, Teen Mothers and their Babies