Hands Of Mercy Everywhere

A Christian Home for Teenage girls, Teen Mothers and their Babies

 With the increase of sexual content on the Internet and other forms of media, there is a rise in sexual behavior among teens. 

♦ Each year, almost three quarters of a million teens aged 15-19 become pregnant. (Teenage Pregnancies: National and State Trends, 2010 – www.guttmacher.org ) 

♦ Florida ranked sixth in the United States for number of teen pregnancies. (Guttmacher Institute, 2006 – www.about.com) 

♦ One in four teen mothers will have a second child within two years after the birth of their first baby.

♦ Several cost benefit studies have found that extending foster care and keeping youth in care past their 18th birthday decreased tax payers expenses, and increased the young adults life time earnings due to an increased education level. 


Clients are brought to HOME and introduced to the residents and staff, given a tour of the facilities to help them get acquainted with their new home, and then shown their nicely decorated room for mother and her child.

Soon after, the client is assigned a big sister who guides them through orientation and helps them become familiar with rules and informs them of upcoming fun activities. Shortly thereafter, they are taken on a visit to their new school and daycare for their child. Upon getting settled at HOME, an inventory check list will be noted based on what the client brought with them. Clients are only allowed one suitcase per person. Any unfinished portions of the application will be required to be completed. 

During orientation at HOME, the client and staff work together to set up appointments for doctors, dentists, and optometrists for their upcoming health care needs.

HOME has an allowance structure, whereby each client can earn up to $100.00 a month.

All Clients are permitted to have a cell phone, after finishing a internet safety class.

Clients should bring a State of Florida Identification (ID) card or their original birth certificate, their original Social Security (SS) card and know their Medicaid number. Medical care cannot be provided, nor can a driver’s permit be administered without a SS card. 

Please review the Handbook here for further details on what can be brought to HOME and what is expected of a client at HOME.