Hands Of Mercy Everywhere

A Christian Home for Teenage girls, Teen Mothers and their Babies

Independent Living Skills

• Anger Management and Stress Relief
• Allowance - Housekeeping - Housing
• Behavior Skills
• Budgeting - Money Management
• Career - Resume Assistance
• Computer Training
• Church - Daily Devotions
• Co-Sleeping - Child Safety Skills
• Counseling - Mental Health
• Drivers Licenses - Transportation
• Drugs - Alcohol - Smoking Awarness
• Education Plan - Tutoring - Reading
• Health and Hygiene

• Internet Safety

• Manners and Etiquette

• Music and Art Therapy - Yoga

• Health and Nutrition

• Parenting - Childcare - Safety

• Pregnancy Prevention - Abstinence

• Public Speaking - Speech
• Religion/Leisure Activities

• Safety and Emergency Skills
• Sexual Assault - Integrity - Sex Trafficking

• Violence - Bullying - Peer Pressure

• Baby showers
• Birthday parties
• Graduation activities
• Referrals for mental health needs
• Community volunteer involvement
• Transportation for medical appointments

Educational Services

Each girl has the opportunity to map out an education path with guidance from HOME support.

Timelines are established to meet independent living requirements.

In addition, HOME offers further educational services including:
• Guidance counseling
• Library outings and Mommy & Me reading sessions
• Tutoring – Private and group tutoring available based on funding
• After school activities – Childcare and transportation provided
• Test preparation – Offered Tuesdays and Saturdays
o GED                       o SAT                            o ACT

• WIC transport
• Bible study groups
• Counseling for groups and individuals
• Assist in preparing judicial review reports

• Assist with probation and court documentation
• Transition into adulthood Type your paragraph here.

Additional Services

Parenting Support

• Provide baby strollers, car seats, diapers, diaper bags,            formula and baby food
• Labor and delivery coaching and support

• Healthy Start and Healthy Families

• Assistance with Early Learning Coalition Daycare Sign Up

• All Babies are required to go to daycare when mother is        medically released

• Parenting classes, helpful hints, and suggestions. 

• Reunification Program -  with the courts permission a teen mother working on a case plan to reunify with her infant child may be accepted for      placement under extensive supervision.