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By wisdom, a house is built, And by understanding it is established. -  Proverbs 24:3

In 2004, while participating in a Bible study focused around The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, Diane Schofield learned about Hands Of Mercy Everywhere, Inc. (H.O.M.E) from a close friend from church, who encouraged Diane to attend one of their first Board meetings. Diane was offered the position of executive director and she accepted. At this point, God’s purpose for her was clear, and to this day, she is continuing to serve His purpose. In 2006 Diane founded the second maternity home known as the Hope house.


With two side by side homes, “Faith” and “Hope House,” H.O.M.E.  has created a loving home that provides a clean, organized, safe and spiritually driven environment where teens have a chance to be teens and also have the support they need to be confident young mothers. H.O.M.E. continues to upgrade the campus with a comforting style. The funding for this home comes from federal, state and local grants, churches, private donations, businesses, clubs, and organizations. 
In 2012, Hands of Mercy Everywhere was awarded $998,000 to build a new home with 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.


Hard work and dedication to this cause, which has become her passion, Diane Schofield, Founder, and CEO has been recognized by the governor, she was appointed to the Independent Living Services Advisory Council in Tallahassee, Florida. She also serves the board of directors for the Florida Children's Coalition. Additionally, she is a founding member of the Statewide Coalition for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Foster Care. Diane’s work does not stop there. She is currently developing programs for interns with the University of Florida and working on a National Social Policy study for teen mothers in foster care. In 2014 Diane was honored by Marion County Children's Alliance with "The Children's Champion Award". Although being recognized is appreciated, her greatest reward is the success and growth she sees through the teen mothers (and sometimes fathers) who are touched by H.O.M.E. 

H.O.M.E  believes every teen mom should have access to education and childcare while a teen mother and beyond. H.O.M.E. wants pregnant or teen moms to know they can have hopes and dreams for themselves and their children. Through guidance from above H.O.M.E. has made an incredible impact on young lives. 


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