Diane Schofield

Founder & CEO

Bachelors in Psychology &

Business Management

Founder 2004

Marge Felix

Services  Coordinator

Hospitality Management &

Community Events

Aimee Deen

Chief Operation Officer

Former DCF PI & 

Critical Child Safety Practice 

Expert (12 years)

Carol Griffin

Finance & Property Manager 

Former General Manager of Hotels

All About Our Team

Quality Assurance Officer

Former State Farm Insurance

(25 years)

Jill Cormey

School Clinician &

Weekend House Mother

Hannah Glover, MA

Ministry Coordinator & Tutor 

Former School Teacher

Jeremy Labaugh, BA

Lisa Roberson

Registered Nurse


Zulema Penaloza

House Mother & 

Housekeeping Coordinator

Dental Assistant & Office Manager

House Mother since 2008

House Mother - Weekends

Marion County School 

Guidance Counselor

Contract Support Team

Dr. Nikki Woller Ph.D. LCSW

Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute

Specializes in Children with chronic mental illness and infant mental health.

Mona Terry

Accreditation Coach

Certified Addiction Counselor

Marc Roth

Technology & Security Advisor

Since 2002 "With the growth of technology so has my commitment to bring this ministry to the next level."