Diane Schofield

Founder & CEO

Bachelors in Psychology &

Business Management

Founder 2004

Marge Felix

Services  Coordinator

Hospitality Management &

Community Events

Aimee Deen

Chief Operation Officer

Former DCF PI & 

Critical Child Safety Practice 

Expert (12 years)

Carol Griffin

Finance & Property Manager 

Former General Manager of Hotels

All About Our Team

Jill Cormey

Quality Assurance


Ministry Coordinator & Tutor 

Former School Teacher

Jeremy Labaugh, BA

Zulema Penaloza

House Mother & 

Housekeeping Coordinator

Lisa Roberson

Registered Nurse


Jennifer Garbutt

House Mother

Coordinator of Residential Affairs

Margaret Miller

House Mother - Weekends

Marion County School 

Guidance Counselor


Mona Terry

Development Supervisor

Certified Addiction Counselor

House Mother 

Jackie Wade

House Mother

Cathi Rivera

Contract Support Team

Marc Roth

Technology & Security Advisor

Since 2002 "With the growth of technology so has my commitment to bring this ministry to the next level."

Debbi Blankenship
DKi Social Media Marketing Mangement
Since 2017